For all your questions concerning your health, the interaction of natural medicinal products in relation to regular medication, nutrition in relation to your request for help, and psychological guidance in entering new chapters in your life.

Goal; to optimize your health related to physical, chronic complaints and increase self-insight and self-awareness. 


Through the use of natural remedies, naturopathy strengthens the ability of your body to heal itself. By increasing your resistance to (deal with) stress and disease, naturopathy can also help you to face life’s challenges at every stage of life. 



Working Method

After our intake, I will set up an appointment to discuss your treatment plan, so that you can get started right away. I will draw up this tailor-made treatment plan in such a way that it fits into your daily life. In general, the amount of consultations are 4-5 times, depending on your main question. 

After consultation, you will receive an invoice, which can also be submitted with your health insurance. 

You can book an intake in my agenda here directly.

10 minutes to get to know each other

I would love to meet you to see what I can do for you. We do this via the webcam (Google meet). It is important that you and I see each other, for the conversation and further in-depth discussions.

Intake one and a half hours

The intake interview will mainly consist of exchanging more and apparently less important information. (anamnesis).

Although not necessary, it is useful to have medical documents or a list of medications at hand.

The goal is to formulate your questions and thus make them visible to me and to you.

This is the moment when your first signs of awareness start. 

Consultation / treatment plan one hour

If you have visited my practice in the past and I have your file/ or if you think 60 minutes is enough, then book here.

The average number of consultations is between 2 to 5 sessions.


whole-person, patient centered health

Through the use of natural remedies, naturopathy strengthens the ability of your body to heal itself. By increasing your resistance to (deal with) stress and disease, naturopathy can also help you to face life’s challenges at every stage of life.


Example treatment

Focusing on the cause, often vasomotor or hormonal. This is important for your type of treatment. Obviously, other causes are excluded by conventional medicine. 

  • Nutritional advice (triggers, pure, healthy food for a better immune support, which ingredients are helpful or not at all, such as casein, ice-cream or tomato)
  • Counseling (how to deal with tension, how to develop consciousness, how to let the energy flow more, worried about trifles, typical for headache-related issues)
  • Buteyko breathing exercises. 
  • Body-oriented work (is there a blockage, what do you -unconsciously- hold in your body, muscle tension, pressure points, massage)
  • Mental nutrition, what does that mean for you?
  • Natural-based medication (phytotherapeutics supplements, herbal medicines such as tea or tinctures)
  • Classical and clinical homeopath

For children

During an intake with parent and child, I try to get a more complete picture of how your child acts, thinks and moves

Classical Homeopathy

A homeopathic doctor or therapist offers this help with natural remedies.

Body-oriented work

Body-oriented work is a beautiful way to (learn to) feel contact with your own body again.


Natural food is organic food that is produced without the use of chemicals.


Counseling is practical psychological help through a one-on-one conversation between the counselor and the client.


Expertise in using medicinal plants to become or stay healthy.

Working Method

In practice, this means an average of between 2 and 5 consultations. After our intake, I will make an appointment to discuss your treatment plan so that you can get started quickly.

This treatment plan must be feasible and fit well into your daily life. That works best.

Of course there are many tools that I can use. That will be different for everyone, as someone with the same physical complaint will show a different view of humanity and I look at the whole.

My vision on health is holistic. There is rarely anything that stands alone.

After booking, you will automatically receive a declaration to submit to your health insurer.

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    “Rachel Fontaine is experienced and graduated in the aforementioned specializations and is affiliated with the NWP professional association with multiple licenses in practices and treatments. Also affiliated with the RBCZ® foundation (professionals in complementary care) as is a registered therapist. She taught MBV-evidence based practice at a university of applied sciences and, in addition to being a naturopathic physician, she graduated as a pedagogue (post HBO). In addition to adults, children can also go to us for questions about health.