All consultations for patients with Dutch health insurance are fully or partially reimbursed. Click here for an overview 2024

Intake interview for an hour and a half
EUR 125 / USD 135 / AWG 250 

Consult one hour
EUR 90 / USD 110 / AWG 180

Discuss treatment plan
EUR 60 / USD 75 / AWG 120

Insurance by country

Dutch health insurer

After consultation, you will receive a declaration that you can submit to qualify for reimbursement from your health insurer.

Here you will find a list from the NWP professional association for 2023 of all insurers with full or partial reimbursement. In my practice, reimbursement applies to both NA and HOM.

Dutch insurances

Aruban health insurer

The AZV currently does not reimburse complementary medicine or complementary care consultations. I recommend making an application.

Health insurer other countries

I recommend making an application. In some cases something is possible.


If you live in the Netherlands, you will receive prescribed medication via the Natuurapotheek or Hahnemann pharmacy at your address within five working days.

You will receive an invoice from the pharmacy for the costs. Of course, I will pass this on to you in advance so that you will not be faced with unexpected costs. In the Netherlands, some health insurers reimburse these costs in addition to the consultation costs.

If you live elsewhere, you will receive a prescription from me with your treatment plan and you can arrange for the medication to be obtained yourself, of course with my help if necessary.

Laboratory research

In the Netherlands this is done via Gamedi, a diagnostic laboratory. Preventive insight into health ensures tailor-made treatment. Sometimes you already have test results from your GP. You can bring this up during your intake interview.


If an appointment cannot go ahead, you must notify us 24 hours in advance. After that time, consultation costs will be charged.

10 minute introduction

I would love to meet you to see what I can do for you