Through the use of natural remedies, naturopathy strengthens the ability of your body to heal itself. By increasing your resistance to (deal with) stress and disease, naturopathy can also help you to face life’s challenges at every stage of life.



This is also the case in medical treatises of ancient Egypt from 1500 BC, and in writings of Hippocrates. The latter, who lived from 460-377 BC, is considered the founder of modern, scientific medicines. Hippocrates laid the foundation for so-called humoral medicine. the composition of the four humors (body fluids) – blood, phlegm, black and yellow bile – had to be correct and their mutual relationship had to be balanced. Treatment methods aimed to restore this balance through cleansing and were considered harmless when applied correctly. 

Cleansing, fasting and detoxification, proper nutrition, exercise in the open air and preferably in the sun, breathing therapy, herbs, meditation, and awareness have therefore traditionally been considered indispensable in the treatment of the sick.


All the aforementioned advice continues to prove its value. In modern times, knowledge of physics and chemistry, and the role of various foods and nutrients have expanded. Specific forms of massage, specific forms of awareness, and – not to mention – natural remedies, also developed in modern times. 

If we look around us, we see that nature has the ability to self-heal. Sick animals in the wild find their own healing herbs and cleanse their bodies by fasting. Even small children refuse food when they are sick.
Adult people are part of nature, but they often forget that, especially when they are sick.

Under the motto ‘convenience serves people’, the aim is to get rid of the complaints as quickly as possible, if necessary by ‘suppression’ with chemical means.
That is an understandable wish and in acute illnesses it often works this way. However, with chronic complaints this is not so easy: the medicines used often do not work and/or have harmful side effects.

A known problem is that people have all kinds of extensive complaints, while the doctor finds no abnormalities and has no diagnosis. Then it is ‘in your head’ and ‘you just have to learn to live with it’.

The solution

A possible solution to these problems is found in natural medicine, which looks at illness differently and can therefore recognize symptoms of illness when conventional medicine has not yet found any measurable abnormalities. Moreover, naturopathy is not aimed at eliminating symptoms of disease, but at actively improving conditions so that the body heals itself. Naturopathy can therefore also be applied to acute illnesses, although this is rarely done in practice, because patients usually consult a general practitioner in those cases.


When using natural medicine, it is very important that the sick person understands the cause of the complaints. One must be well motivated to follow a treatment that removes the causes of illness. The patient has an active role in this. These causes, which sometimes lie in the past, can be the result of lifestyle or living conditions, including emotionally. Being healthy is being balanced in the broadest sense of the word. Chronic diseases are preceded by a creeping disruption of our natural regulatory system.


According to naturopathic views, illness arises because one does not live according to one’s own nature, that is, one has insufficient contact with one’s own intuition, which can indicate when the boundary between being healthy and being ill is being crossed, or one does not listen to it. Unaware of the danger, people eat and drink harmful products, build up stress or waste life energy.

Suppressing acute illnesses and emotions, the use of antibiotics and hormones (hormone meat, pill use, etc.), influences of environmental chemicals and stress play a role in this.
If the hormonal balance is disturbed, toxins (toxic waste products) can remain in the tissue fluid and in the cells, resulting in pollution.


Today we know that cells, like batteries, are charged with electrical energy and continuously emit electrical impulses. Due to the contamination of cells, this flow process is blocked in several places at the same time. The tissue fluid therefore acidifies and becomes even more contaminated and age, predisposition, or pre-existing organ damage determines where and how this acidification strikes in the form of chronic disease. Naturopathy at its core means inducing and supporting a (self-)cleansing process. This sometimes starts with a cleansing treatment, followed by advice on fasting and nutrition, sometimes followed by regulation of hormonal and energy balance.

Detection and removal of drug residues, heavy metals, amalgam or hidden sources of inflammation play an important role nowadays. It is often also necessary to undergo an emotional ‘cleansing process’.


Preventing diseases is of course better than getting better naturally. Due to the deterioration of the environment surrounding us, it is expected that everyone will sooner or later suffer from this harmful influence. It remains important to exercise regularly in clean outdoor air, preferably in the sun and wind. At least once a year it is wise to undergo a cleansing and fasting treatment and also to cleanse in an emotional sense.
Within naturopathic treatment there are various suggestions for a healthy, natural lifestyle.

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