National center for complimentary and integrative health

Topics such as are you considering a complementary health approach or integrative medicines: What is it, types, risks and benefits

Also find; start talking with your health care providers about complementary health approaches

National library of medicine

National cancer institute about complementary and alternative medicine 

Large database and interaction, effectiveness checker (paid)

Alternative therapies useful in the management of diabetes

herbs and supplements type 2 diabetes 

Met handige nutriënten index 

Artsenvereniging integrale geneeskunde 

Veel informatie over natuurvoeding in relatie tot klachten 

Beroepsvereniging natuurgeneeskundig therapeuten

Belangenbehartiger NSH ‘hypo of hyper’

Nascholing voedingsgeneeskunde 

Nascholing Integrative medicine 

artsen en overige zorgverleners

Beyond theory podcast