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Consultation in Aruba (walk in with appointment) on Monday and Wednesday 08.00 – 11.00

Online consultation please feel free to contact. 

Appointment / registration (for new patients)

Appointment (all patients)

Praktijk Fontaine is a clinic for Complementary and Alternative Medicines (CAM)

Praktijk Fontaine (Rachel) can provide the following treatments:

  • Naturopathic medicine -guidance in nutrition, botanical medicines, understanding illness, mental guidance in awareness processes (ND Naturopathy).  
  • Bodywork: relaxation massage, processing and encounter of emotions but also sports massage
  • Classical Homeopathy (MSc classical homeopathy)

‘Rachel has a profound interest in health in all its facets. She treats physical complaints with among others the right nutrition, natural remedies, bodywork, and classical homeopathy. She has the ability to give people back their strength and to guide them with processes of awareness.

Growth is of the utmost importance for Rachel, both in her work and in her personal life. As a practitioner, Rachel is very analytical, she quickly locates the core of a problem, recognizes the things that matter. She inspires her patients tremendously by focusing on health instead of disease.

Rachel started treating patients since 2006′. 


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